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Jay Kenneth Photography - Best Professional Headshot in Boise, Idaho

The best headshot photography is a challenging task to capture the essence of the person in a friendly, industry-professional photograph. It may not sound like something that should be exciting, but I find the challenge is in the nuance of this craft. A genuine smile can tell a lot about a person in a fraction of a second. Our human instincts literally make snap judgments about a person faster than we can blink! 

A headshot is not just a headshot, it is a representation of our self in the best possible way without being fake or unrealistic. 

What do you notice about your friends’ professional headshots? Is it the best headshot you have ever seen? A great headshot or the best headshot in Boise will always come from an experienced professional photographer. 

I was always interested in the art of the human face when I studied art at Boise State University. The knowledge to properly compose a picture is a skill that has stayed with me through the years. The passion I have for making the best headshot in the Boise, Idaho area may seem a little nerdy, but that is what makes me the best and what has driven me to create Jay Kenneth Photography. I’m meticulous at capturing the expression, the mood, the pose, the smile and the lighting - all to create the best headshot in Boise. 

I work within the portrait guidelines of your industry, highlighting your personality in a personable, professional image. These can be an outdoor headshot with trees in the background because you are an approachable business person or you need the studio head shot with a traditional background because you are a true professional needing a classic portrait. On a technical level, headshots need to be the ideal version of you, presented as both professional and approachable. 

Industry-specific headshots can be done indoors or outdoors, with either studio backgrounds or lifestyle-in-action photos for professional prints or social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The best headshot photographer in Boise, Idaho is just a click away with Jay Kenneth Photography.


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