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Fitness Photography
Jay Kenneth best fitness photography in Boise, Idaho
Fitness Photography in Boise, Idaho
The art of Fitness Photography specializes in creating stylized lighting in order to emphasize the highlights and shadows on a sculpted physique - showing off the elongated, defined, strong and beautiful, and even elegant facets of your body all at the same time (as opposed to natural light and a soft look).

 Calling myself “The best Fitness Photographer in Boise, Idaho” is a bold statement that I do not make light of. To be the best, I exact the most out of a fitness photography session. Behind the scenes, the muscles need to be pumped up, the lighting and camera need be set up perfectly to capture the incredibly hard work that has gone into sculpting and building a fitness physique. From contours, highlights, veins, skin texture & color, to muscular definition and the body position - the photos from our session will show you at your best.

 Fitness photography can be used for portfolios, competitions, motivation, documenting gains and progress, and of course for personal goals and fun. Oftentimes, fitness competitors use these photo shoots as a reward to themselves for their hard work or gains along their fitness journey. The art of fitness photography is great for advertising health and nutrition supplementation for athletes and fitness competitors. Consumers respond well to high quality photos of fit men and women in advertising and marketing campaigns.

 Personal trainers use these photo shoots for the same reasons, as well as for marketing their personal training services (for both themselves and their clients). High quality fitness photography requires a mastery of posing the body and head, the lighting and the ability to work with a client to demonstrate a natural contours of their body in a professional studio environment.

 I have a phrase that I commonly use at my photo shoots, “If I can do it, you can do it”. I will be the first to get in position and show a pose so the other person can copy what I am doing. There can be many ways to make a classic pose look new on you. My photography abilities with my lighting and camera skills, make you look amazing!


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