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From high fashion, lifestyle photography to building the perfect modeling portfolio for Boise modeling agencies, you want the best fashion and model photographer in Boise. Although I’m a skilled photoshop editor, I’m meticulous with my setup to get the shot perfect in the first place. 

Modeling is not just about having a pretty face. You need your modeling portfolio to tell a dynamic story about who you are, including your attitude, expressions and overall look. 

The photographer plays a key role in helping the model pose correctly to highlight his and her best features, angles and expressions to convey their personality and the mood of the shot. 

As an expert at model posing, I’ll verbally help you create a killer portfolio to impress agencies and clients alike. Fashion and modeling photography require a mastery of posing the body and head, the lighting and the ability to work with a client to demonstrate a natural contours of their body in a professional studio environment. I have a phrase that I commonly use at my photo shoots, “If I can do it, you can do it”. I will be the first to get in position and show a pose so the other person can copy what I am doing. There can be many ways to make a classic pose look new on you. My photography abilities with my lighting and camera skills, make you look amazing! 

My experience with business professionals and corporate projects have led me to provide a high-end level of service. My professionalism, critical eye for detail, and artistic background result in beautifully composed and meaningful imagery that tells a story. 

Whether a new model trying to break into the Boise modeling business or a seasoned high demand model who wants to update their modeling portfolio, Jay Kenneth Photography in Boise has stellar reviews for professionalism, photo skill and the highest quality photos.


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