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Jay Kenneth best product photography Boise Idaho
Best Product Photography Boise, Idaho
I developed my product photography skills through countless trials of learning which photos successfully sell a product, and which photos don’t. Unfortunately for product marketers, the vast majority of product photography doesn’t get them sales results that they want.

When I branched out of lifestyle and skate photography, I started taking pictures of products to sell via eBay. As any eBay vendor, Etsy seller or online retailer knows, product photography makes or breaks a sale. It’s probably the most important marketing tool available to a seller.

In my own eBay experience, one thing led to another and I acquired a higher quality camera and throughout the process, I acquired the nuanced skill for taking superb product photos through technique and lighting (and of course, the right professional equipment).  

After taking over 50,000 photos for various items for online listings, I have become an expert product photographer taking nearly perfect pictures with little to no post-photo editing required.  

Humans are highly visual and consumers make snap decisions. Excellent product photography is a must for anyone marketing and selling products. From sunglasses, to motorcycles to food products, I can expertly shoot your products, delivering top notch, magazine quality digital images to use in your online or print advertising campaigns. Whether you see B2B or directly to consumers, consider how important your photography is to the sales process.  

I shoot product photography in my Boise studio for clients all over the country. I have worked with a local spice company, an online monthly box subscription business, and an antique arms dealer among others.

So although I consider myself one of the best providers of product photography in Boise, Idaho, my services are certainly not limited to this area. Drop me a line and we can discuss your project and I’ll get you a competitively priced quote ASAP.


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